Associate Members

Associate Membership of the Kindred Lodges Association 2020 - 2023

The Kindred Lodges Association is an association of freemasons who are or have been involved in youth work. Membership is either through a subscribing member lodge or as an individual Associate Member. Apart from encouraging inter lodge visiting of brethren, the prime activities are to hold two meetings a year, an Autumn Festival usually in London or the Home Counties area, and a Spring Festival in the Provinces. These are organised in turn by various member lodges, which act as the host lodge and provide the programme for the meeting. The dress for these meetings is the uniform of the youth organisation for those entitled to wear it, a practice also followed by many of the lodges at one of their meetings during their Masonic year.

Additionally an occasional Newsletter is circulated to all individual members as well as the lodges. At this present time there are 40 lodges in membership, two Chapters, one Mark Lodge, a Mark Mariner Lodge, together with an Installed Masters Lodge (UPC316) and over 165 individual Associate Members.

The Association also maintains links with lodges with similar affiliations in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong and Canada. The Association is administered by a Committee of representatives from each member lodge from whom the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are elected.

Associate Members are entitled to attend the Festivals in their own right, and bring guests if they wish, as well as being welcome to attend ordinary meetings of a Kindred Lodge (Subject of course to due notice and payment of any dining fees etc.). The subscription to become an Associate Member is collected as one payment of £8.00 every leap year. If joining during one of the intervening years the subscription is proportionally reduced. To join now is just £8 to the end of 2023.

To renew your membership please complete the slip here and together with the necessary remittance (payment by BACS is available), forward it to the Associate Members’ representative, whose address is shown, or forward by email as appropriate.