Reaching out from New Zealand


New Zealand Scout Youth Foundation's

WOW – we announce our first $1000 donation for the Scout Opportunity Fund. On February 22nd with Scouts NZ we launched the Scout Opportunity Fund as a source of support for children who simply cannot afford to join our Scouts adventure. We’ve received a number of donations but this first $1000 donation is top. It is from a Scout Associate who wrote “I was fortunate to attend the recent reception at Government House and was very impressed with Kate [Te Wano]’s speech.” A very generous contribution indeed.

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Next festival is Saturday April 7 2018 hosted by Venture Lodge No 8198 at Whitley Bay, Northumberland

Gilwell Reunion 2017

A success for the KLA! Our pitch was hardly ever empty with a wide array of people visiting to introduce themselves as Freemasons, as well as others seeing how we can help, some just curious and some nice thank you visits from representatives of groups that Freemasonry had supported.

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Donation KLA have Received

£259.89 received from Sure & Stedfast Lodge No : 9326 ( Liverpool) closure
£116.00 received from Griffin Lodge No:9737 (Rugby) Talk to Past Masters Lodge by KLA Chair

Donations KLA have made

£100.00 to East Lancashire Masonic Charity - The Manchester Bombing Appeal.
£250.00 to Promise Path Appeal - Gilwell Park